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The NATO Association of Canada is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in 1966 to promote knowledge and understanding of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Canada. The NAOC is a member of the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, which coordinates some forty similar organizations in other NATO member and Partners for Peace nations.

Our vision is to promote the critical importance in cultural, security and economic terms of the transatlantic relationship among Canada, the United States and the nations of Europe and be the premier sponsor and supporter of NATO in Canada.

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The NATO Association of Canada has established several programs to address issues that we believe to be important and which deserve attention. These programs will feature articles, be the focus of our round tables, and will feature in discussions during our conferences. In these fields the NATO Association of Canada is proud to have developed sustained conversation in areas that have had limited or disjointed coverage in the past.

The NATO Association of Canada currently publishes articles under 10 programs, at least once a week:

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Since its inception in 1949, Canada has played an integral role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Canada’s involvement over the past 63 years has varied from troop deployment and training in Europe during much of the Cold War, to engagement abroad in places like Afghanistan and Libya. The articles in the Canada’s NATO program examine Canada’s role from a multitude of perspectives and viewpoints. the NAOC aims to supply Canadians with a greater insight into the inner workings of this long-standing relationship. Not just focusing on the military dimensions around Canadian participation, the aim of this program is to also highlight the roles played by Canadian civilian staff operating within the organization.
The NAOC’s Emerging Security Program features an in-depth look at the latest trends in the field of Canadian and international security – drones, cyber security, emerging technology, and natural resources. The program’s mandate is to provide Canadians with security related analysis and perspective so as to equip Canadians with the knowledge they need to form a full and balanced opinion of Canadian and international affairs.
The Expanding Community program at the NAOC has two aims. First, the program seeks to explore the growth of the NATO alliance, prospective members and relationship with partners. Secondly, it features Canada’s global connections, including our links to other nations on a bilateral basis, and the role Canada plays within international and multilateral institutions. Check back regularly for original articles, as well as links to related news, blog posts and videos from around the world.
The NAOC’s Global Horizons program is our outreach initiative oriented specifically towards high school students interested in learning more about international affairs, Canadian foreign policy, and NATO. Our website is dedicated to educating the public on current events in international affairs, and this page is devoted to making that process easier for high school students by providing resources that help guide them into this world and offer advice on pursuing a career in political science or international relations.

In addition, to promote youth participation, we have created two avenues of interaction: a series of presentations our staff give in high school history and civics classes, and student essay contests giving entrants the opportunity for their work to be published online on this site.

The International Business and Economy program aims to provide Canadians with relevant and accessible analysis on current international economic policies with a focus on Canadian interests and trade security. Additionally, the program examines our country’s commitment to NATO’s mandate of encouraging economic collaboration and eliminating economic conflict.
On the ground, in the air and on the water, the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces stand watch over the country and defend its interests at home and abroad. The Canadian Armed Forces Program aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the issues facing Canadian soldiers across all branches of the military in order to give Canadians varying perspectives on the men and women who defend their country.
The NATO Association of Canada’s Procurement Program provides Canadians with analyses of trends relating to Canadian and international defense procurement and illustrates how these trends affect NATO’s collective mission capabilities. The program also provides in-depth discussion regarding the bureaucratic management, specific trade controls and various other institutional processes governing the defense industry and defense acquisitions, while integrating elements of international trade and economics.
The NATO Association of Canada’s Society, Culture, and International Relations program takes a look at the issues that impact Canadians’ every day lives while connecting them to international relations. The program covers a wide range of topics, which include: pop culture, art, film, global events, and socio-political relations. In addition, Society, Culture, and IR aims to examine and provide in-depth analyses that relate international affairs to the interests of Canadian society.
Women in Security covers a wide-range of issues as it explores the link between women, security, and development. As a forum to stimulate discussion and instructive debates, the NATO Association of Canada will examine the ways in which women both contribute to and are the focus of Canadian and NATO defence and security initiatives. This program also offers a critical look at the structures and institutions that shape the role of women in security at home and abroad.
Arc of Crisis is the NAOC’s contribution to helping Canadians stay on top of current events in Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East. We publish articles and reports received from Dr. Serhiy Dzherdzh, the Director of the Ukrainian branch of the Atlantic Treaty Asssociation; “the NATO-Ukraine Civic League.”

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NATO, Russia and the future of Scandinavian Defence

The ongoing political and military tensions with Russia are deeply concerning to many Canadians and have only become more prominent with Russian incursions into Ukraine and Syria. Russia’s historical expansionism has also raised fears in the Scandinavian states that they may become a future target.
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Our Mission.

To promote peace, prosperity and security through knowledge and understanding of the importance of NATO


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By becoming a member of the NATO Association of Canada you will support our mission to educate Canadians about the importance of NATO and its contributions to Canada and Canadian society. Beyond that, you will have the opportunity to attend all our events at a discounted price and will receive invitations to exclusive events available only to members of the NAOC.